In the year 2020 and beyond, many of us have increased our standards when it comes to the appeal and functionality of our homes. More than ever, our homes have become not only a place for rest at the end of the day, but a space for work, exercise, crafting art projects, and enjoying stay-cations. We ask a lot of our homes even though square footage is at a premium! Could a space-saving solution from decades past, the Murphy bed, be making a comeback today?

When you spend a fair amount of time at home, you may start dreaming of home renovation projects that could increase space and versatility of your home. However, increasing the square footage of your home via construction is often costly, time consuming, and not always an option.

Thankfully the monetary, time, and mental cost of hearing ear-piercing drills all day can be avoided. An invention from the early 1900s has gone through many updates throughout this last century and, dare I say, is making a comeback.


The Space-Saving Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed has come a long way since its simple inception of a wall folding bed. Today, modern Murphy beds are comfortable, safe, easy to use, and quite stylish. At Wallbeds n’ More Reno we offer a variety of hidden bed models and custom options so that your space-saving furniture blends seamlessly into your home’s interior design, or stands out as a beautiful accent. Here are a few reasons why Murphy beds are making a comeback in popularity:


1. Instant Floor Space Made Easy

You can instantly reveal a good amount of floor space with a queen wall bed unit. When the bed is not in use, simply direct the mattress upwards and into its cabinet against the wall. This is an easy process that one person can do on their own by relying on the spring-loaded mechanism to do the heavy lifting for you. This simple, quick solution creates floor space which would otherwise be unusable most of the time.

When it’s time to use the bed, gently pull to open and the bed will lower slowly by itself. Our wall beds are designed to function with minimal effort!


2. Multi-Functional Versatility

With your extra space you could use the room as a place for exercise, arts and crafts, play area for kids, or a workplace. Wall beds with desks are the perfect solution for those who spend time working from home. Extra storage within the unit itself can be accomplished by adding shelving to one or both sides of the bed, closed cabinets, drawers, or wardrobes.

Those who want to display books or other items often are drawn to our unique Library model. Interested in more ways you can use a hidden wall bed? Check out our recent blog post on the subject.


3. Comfortable Hidden Beds 

Whether you are interested in using a spare room as both a guest room and something you can utilize year-round, or looking to create floor space in your own room you can be assured that the wall beds we carry provide a comfortable place for sleeping. New support systems, design of the wall bed, along with mattress construction are all factors that contribute to our wallbeds being just as comfortable as a conventional bed.

Often, the mattress contributes most to the feeling of comfort (or lack thereof) when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. All of our wall bed models support mattresses up to 11 inches in thickness so that you can select a mattress that is most suitable for you or your guests. Many types of materials for mattresses are also supported, including memory foam, spring coil, and orthopedic styles.


The Ever-Popular Murphy Bed

While other types of stow-away beds are uncomfortable and leave you, or your guests, with a groggy morning and back pain, our modern hidden wall beds provide support and comfort for a restful night’s sleep. Many people today are adding Murphy beds to their homes in their spare rooms to create a multi-functional guest room, as well as in their own bedroom!

Browse our selection of high quality wall beds online and book an appointment when you’re ready to speak with one of our space-saving specialists. We will be happy to show you in person how easily our wall beds transition and you can see for yourself how comfortable they are. Start the process of finding your perfect wall bed unit and customizing it to fit your lifestyle today!