Luonto Collection

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Sofa Beds and Sleepers for your Small Spaces, Apartments, and Sttudios

At Reno Wallbeds n More, we carry the beautiful Luonto collection. These sleepers and Sofar beds functions are made to fit even the smallest apartments, tiny homes, studio spaces, and more.

Our best function for small and narrow spaces is our Easy Deluxe Function, which opens only 18″ from sofa seat.

Lunto Sleeper Sofa at Wallbeds n More Reno

Beautiful Sofa Beds and Sleepers!

Visit Wallbeds n More Reno in-store or book an appointment to see the entire line of Luonto sofa beds we have available.

Luonto sofabed collection or Sleeper collection includes true US King, Queen, Full XL and Cot Sizes.

Flipper Sofa Closed
Flipper Full Open
Flipper Blue Closed
Flipper Sectional Open
Paris Sofa Closed
Paris King Open

Why Choose Luonto Furniture

Quality of Furniture

High Quality

From raw materials to production and customer service, Luonto is committed to providing quality.

Quality of Furniture


With many functions, Luonto’s multifunctional furniture selection is robust enough to offer a great solution to any sized space.



Luonto’s sustainable practices are not a trend, rather they are built into who we are and where we come from.

Coffee Tables and More

Visit Wallbeds n More Reno in-store or book an appointment to see the Luonto coffee tables and accessories we have available.

Functional Coffee Table Oliver
Functional Coffee Table Oliver Open
Function Coffee Table - Dark
Functional Coffee Table Dark - Open

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