When deciding whether to purchase a new Murphy bed for your home, you may wonder if wall folding beds are actually comfortable. After all, we all have those fond (or, not-so-fond) memories of sleeping on friends’ futons or family members’ pullout hide-a-beds. While it may have been acceptable to sleep on a thin pad or a clunky couch (where you could feel every metal spring) as a teenager, most adults prefer a comfortable mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, Nevada we sell only wall beds that are both space-saving and comfortable. The unique design of our hidden beds eliminate the clunky metal frames, finger pinching mechanisms, and thin padding of traditional sleeper sofas and pull-out mattresses. 

We focus on four main components to make absolutely sure you and your guests get a restful night’s sleep on any wall bed in our showroom: size, mattress, frame, and customizations. 

1. Mattress Size Choices for a Murphy Bed

If you have a very small space, you may consider choosing a Twin murphy bed. Our Twin wall beds are exceptionally comfortable for one person, but they are not meant to sleep more than one – which is also true for a traditional Twin bed. Unless this wall bed is intended for those who are not tall or children, we suggest opting for an XL Twin wallbed which adds extra length without additional width. In this way you can still maximize the space in an extra-small room without skimping on comfort

If you have a little more room to spare, we highly recommend going with at least a Full size wall bed so that you can sleep two guests, or a Queen wall bed so that those two guests can sleep even more comfortably! In general, the more mattress space available, the more comfort you or your guests will enjoy. 

Our Queen wall beds are designed to fold up flush into the wall cabinet just as compactly as our Twin hidden beds do. 

2. Mattress Type Selection

The mattress is arguably the most important element of any bed’s comfort. This is why at Wallbeds n’ More Reno we always allow the customer to choose their own mattress. Each individual wall bed unit comes without a mattress so that you can select between the different mattress styles we have available in our showroom or even one you already love at home. 

Our wall beds are designed to support mattresses of up to 11 inches thick, so most standard mattresses will fit our frames. Whether you prefer a very firm sleeping surface, a soft support, or something in between, we have a mattress that matches every level. You can even choose to purchase a specialized type of mattress such as one made of cooling memory foam so that you can stay cool and sleep peacefully throughout the night. 

3. Our Wall Bed’s Frame Structure

Besides the mattress, the bed’s frame structure is also a critical piece of bedtime comfort. Unlike traditional box spring systems, our wall beds are typically designed with a wooden frame that has a mesh support system to bear the weight of the mattress while allowing it to flex. 

This bedframe design not only makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep, but actually protects the mattress. In fact, many newer types of mattresses including those made of memory foam and/or latex are best when used with a frame without a box spring. The lack of spring coils in a wall folding bed can help avoid damage to the mattress, allowing it to remain supportive and comfortable much longer. 

Additionally, our wall bed frames are designed to allow airflow to circulate under the mattress. This critical design helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. 

4. Customizations and Accessories

While it’s easy to think of comfort only in terms of the feel of the mattress, comfort is also about having accessibility and convenience at your fingertips. Because each of our wall folding beds at Wallbeds n’ More are custom-built, we can offer special customizations to enhance the comfort of you and your guests including lighting features, USB ports, and storage options.

Murphy beds with attached cabinets, wall beds with tables, or even hidden beds with wardrobes are all available in a variety of styles. If you have a guest coming who needs to work while they are visiting, we recommend a wall bed with a desk to improve their comfort and convenience as well. 


Choose the Wall Bed That’s Right for You

Any of our showroom representatives can help you choose and customize the wall bed unit that meets the needs of your home, along with the guests who will be utilizing it. Stop by our showroom during store hours or make an appointment to ensure a personal consultation. 

Experience the comfort of our wall folding beds for yourself by visiting our Wallbeds n’ More Reno, Nevada showroom. We offer delivery and installation services for residents of Reno and surrounding areas such as Sparks, Carson City, Sun Valley, Fallon, and Fernley.