When you are looking to update a room in your home with furniture that saves space, our experienced staff here at Wallbeds n’ More in Reno can help you choose the ideal hide-a-bed model. With its comfortably spacious size, the queen wall bed is consistently one of our most popular options. No need to sacrifice quality of sleep, our wall beds are built to support standard mattresses, up to 11 inches thick! 

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a traditional queen size Murphy bed that easily converts into a home office with a desk, or a chest bed that can be stored right in your living room as an unobtrusive piece of furniture, we can assist you in selecting a hidden bed that meets the needs of both your home and your wallet. 

While our folding Murphy beds come in many sizes, models, and styles, our Queen size wall beds are one of the most sought after sizes. Luckily, they come in a wide variety of configurations that can include cabinetry, desks, tables or bookshelves. Because of this, the Queen wall folding bed has a great deal of versatility and can work well in almost any space in your home. It can even bring dual-functionality and extra floor space to your master bedroom! 

Create Instant Floor Space in Your Bedroom

If you want to update your own bedroom to allow for more floor space, but you don’t want to give up a large, plush, comfortable bed, a Queen size wall bed would be perfect for you. Our Murphy beds are expertly designed to be easily taken down from the wall and put back again by only one person. Our Queen wall beds work well for those living on their own or for those who want a very simple way to make the bed every morning. What’s easier than simply tucking the covers in and folding the Murphy bed into the wall?!

In your own bedroom, a queen wall bed can be exceptionally convenient for making the area look tidy while also giving you a great deal of floor space for things like an at-home yoga session, a romantic dinner picnic, or a place where the kids can play while you work at your adjoined Murphy bed desk.

Custom Murphy Beds

Another reason our Queen sized Murphy beds tend to be so popular is because we offer the ability to add custom furniture pieces. You can create a Murphy bed desk combo if a flat working surface would be convenient for your lifestyle. Imagine a bedroom, home office, and spacious area for exercise or crafting all in one room! 

We even give you the option to select a Murphy bed with a built-in pull-down desk or a table attached so that when the space is not being used as a guest room or your own, personal bedroom, the unit can be transformed to accommodate homework, computer work, puzzles and games, or anything else you can imagine. If you would prefer to have nightstands, reading lamps, or a wardrobe for closet space attached to your wall bed, we can make that happen as well.

Each one of our custom-made, locally-sourced and built wall bed units comes in a variety of colors, wood types, and finishes. We can customize the hardware to match the style and decor of your home, and even add things like lighting, glass cabinet doors, USB ports, and outlets for powering your lamps, computers, or other devices. 

Of course, you can choose to simply utilize them as freestanding beds all by themselves. If you’d prefer a wall folding bed without accessories, take a look at our Saratoga model. This is a smart choice for a smaller living space that can still accommodate a Queen sized mattress.

Dual-Functioning Guest Room

A Murphy wall bed can be a wonderful addition to a spare bedroom as well as your own. If you want to turn a guest room into a dual purpose living space, a Queen size wall bed still gives you the ability to have more than one guest stay over at a time. If your parents or in-laws are visiting, or if you’ll be hosting a brother and sister-in-law or friends who are a couple, a Queen size Murphy bed allows for multiple guests to stay the night without needing to set up two spare beds.

Just like our Twin, XL Twin, and Full-size wall beds, the Queen mattress folds compactly into a cabinet against the wall to stay out of your way when not being used. Also like our smaller models, the mattress comes separately so you can choose the firmness level that is right for you or your guests. You can try out our selection of mattresses at our Wallbeds n’ More showroom so that you can choose exactly the right one to match your desired softness or firmness. 

Browse our Extensive Wall Bed Collection

We recommend starting the process of choosing your new furniture by browsing the large selection of beautiful Murphy beds on our website to narrow down your selection. Then give us a call at (775) 771-6476 or send us a message to schedule your appointment with one of our sales associates to visit the showroom. 

While exploring, you can look at all of the varieties of queen wallbeds we offer, and our knowledgeable employees can demonstrate how easy it is for just one person to pull the beds down from the wall and put them back again. No need to worry about straining yourself to lift something too heavy or get injured in the process. Our wallbeds were designed especially with your comfort and safety in mind.

At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, Nevada, we can’t wait to show you all the benefits of choosing a queen size wall bed to create a trendy, cozy, space-saving area in your home!