Turn two rooms into one with a Murphy bed desk! It’s easier than ever for many people to work and study from home, but lack of space is often a problem and focus can be difficult without a separate, organized environment. At Wallbeds “n” More in Reno, Nevada, we have the perfect solution with a variety of Murphy beds with desks to choose from.

Whether you are utilizing a Murphy bed desk in a child’s room, if you need a new study area for a teenager, or if you want to build the perfect work-from-home office, we can show you how to maximize your space and easily utilize one room for two different purposes, essentially doubling the utility of any area.


Why a Murphy Bed Desk is Ideal in a Child’s Room

A child’s room is not only his or her sleeping place, but also the room where he or she plays, draws, creates, studies, imagines, learns, and grows. In order to make it the most functional and comfortable space possible, successfully combining style and ease of use is essential for your little one.

At Reno Wallbeds “n” More, we have twin size, full size, and queen size Murphy beds with desks to fit in a variety of children’s rooms. Our Murphy bed desk options are excellent for kids who want a flat surface on which to be able to play games, draw, and do their homework in a focused environment. They are also perfect for children who use the computer frequently and who would benefit from drawer space for storage and organization of toys, clothes, and school supplies.

Whether your child prefers one of our fold down desks like the Deluxe Hiddenbed model or a wall bed with a perpendicular desk like the Rochester model, both have a myriad of benefits to offer.

Because children often have a lot of items to organize in their bedrooms, you can keep their space neat and tidy by adding storage solutions such as cabinets, drawers, bookshelves, and other features to increase their floor space and help them pick up their room and stay organized.

A Murphy bed desk is also an ideal way for a child to clean his or her room quickly since the bed can simply be folded up out of sight, and you’ll never even know if it’s made or not!


Murphy Beds with Desks for Teenagers and Young Adults

For teenagers and young adults, their bedroom serves as both a relaxing place and somewhere where they can study and be productive. By creating a solitary and focused workspace away from siblings, pets, and other household distractions, you can help your teenager or young adult child to increase their productivity and attention span.

For young people, bookshelves on one or both sides of the Murphy bed desk are excellent choices as add-on piers. Shelves behind cabinets can be especially helpful as well for keeping things organized and out of sight, and an attached wardrobe/armoire add-on provides extra space for supporting equipment, entertainment storage, and clothing and shoe space.

By helping teens and young adults have a place to neatly arrange everything as they focus on their studies and work, you are giving them an edge over their peers and providing them the tools they need to be their most happy and productive selves. When it’s time to relax, they can simply pull the bed down from the wall and get a good night’s sleep on the comfortable fold-down mattress.


A Murphy Bed Desk for a Home Office Guest Room

To really turn one room into two and increase your usable space, adding a Murphy bed desk in a guestroom or main bedroom is an ideal solution. If you are looking for a classic style, the Hidden Bed model would be a perfect option.

Because our Murphy beds with desks come in several different styles and are customizable with many different colors, stains, and types of hardware, you are sure to find something to fit in the particular room in your home you have chosen.


Utilize Common Areas With a Murphy Bed Desk

Murphy beds with desks are also phenomenal ways to maximize space in a den or other common area because they can keep the bed out of sight until a guest is in need of it. At the same time, they can still provide the entire family with the extra space they need each and every day to be able to work or study and still be near the rest of the family rather than having to go into a separate room in the house.


Choose Your Ideal Murphy Bed Desk in Our Reno Showroom

It is easy to schedule an appointment in our showroom during our regular business hours Wednesdays from 1-6pm and Thursdays – Saturdays from 10am-3pm. Our Murphy beds with desks are made with high quality, furniture grade plywood in three different types of wood: birch, oak, and alder. Give us a call at (775) 771-6476 to schedule your appointment to meet with one of our friendly staff members today!