When you think of Wallbeds ‘n More, you most likely picture our famous Murphy beds that pull down from the wall adding a space-saving solution to any room in your home. While we do sell a wide variety of Murphy beds that include such features as desks, bookshelves, tables, and even wardrobes, we also offer a number of other inventive furniture options to make your home uniquely special like the Murphy door pool cue!

Mix Functional with Fun

One of the most inventive and fun products we sell is a Murphy door pool cue combination. A pool cue Murphy door is basically a hidden door in the wall that features a rack to hold pool cues and supplies for hosting gaming parties.

While it looks like an organized, custom-built shelf system for holding your billiards equipment in style, it actually serves to also hide a room behind it! It’s a delightful solution for basements or attics when you want to conceal things like furnaces, water heaters, or storage rooms that are unsightly.

Custom Built Door Pool Cue System

Our standard version is the single pool cue Murphy door that fits a standard doorway. The single pool cue door transforms unused space in your doorway into an organized and functional storage area that can hold everything you need to play a game of pool including accessories. The standard pool cue holder can be made to hold between nine and 15 pool cues depending on how wide you would like your door to be.

There are two pool ball shelves that hold 16 pool balls and three adjustable shelves for additional storage space. The single pool cue Murphy door has an inward swing and hinges on the left-hand side. It is unfinished so that you can choose one of our beautiful wood finishing options to match the design and colors of your home.

The sizing on the standard single pool cue Murphy door has an optional width of between 30 and 48 inches and optional height between 80 and 94 inches. Cabinets and additions to this special door can be purchased separately depending on the design you desire.

Maximize your Billiards Room

For a bigger door space we also offer a pool cue French Murphy door unit. This is able to hold up to 22 pool cues and two entire sets of balls, so that you can hold games and billiards tournaments right in your own game room or basement. This unique door helps you to organize your gaming equipment and utilize your space efficiently.

The pool cue French Murphy door offers four adjustable standard shelves, four pool ball shelves which hold two complete sets, and up to 22 pool cue slots depending on the door width you choose. We can even add hooks to hold the set up rack triangles.

Just like our single door, the base model pool cue French Murphy door includes unfinished wood so that you can choose from our eight distinguished finish options to customize your piece even further.

The French doors have a height of between 70 and 94 inches and a width of between 48 and 84 inches depending on your preference and the size you need. The door depth is 8 1/4 inches and it comes with an out-swing direction.

This inventive feature frees up space in your game room and allows you to impress your friends with a hidden room behind your already amazing pool cue storage system! If you would like to view this model in 3-D to see just what it would look like in your home you can click the “view in 3D” button on this page.

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