How a Wall Bed with Desk Solves Your Space Limitations

A modern murphy bed has many functions, but creating a private workspace out of a small area is one of the most practical things about this versatile type of furniture. At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, Nevada we are well-versed in helping you to re-design a space in a small home to maximize both its functionality and style. 


A wall bed allows you to hide a bed up against a wall within a beautiful cabinet. Add a desk to this configuration, and the furniture becomes even more useful! Transition from office space to a comfortable sleeping bed with a real mattress within seconds. 


Modern Murphy Bed with Desk Options

Our many modern murphy bed with desk designs can fit beautifully in any home thanks to an array of customizations. Here we will highlight some of our most popular models that can help you create a private, quiet, and focused workspace in even the tiniest of areas. 


#1 – The Hidden Bed

This wall bed with desk along with its upgraded version, the Hidden Bed Deluxe, both feature fold down table-top style desks that affix right to the front (or bottom) of the murphy bed itself. When the desk is folded down, there is room for a home office and plenty of space for students to lay out their materials and complete creative projects and homework. 


These desk models are also ideal for a private at-home workstation including a laptop and other digital technology since the surface area does not need to be cleared when transitioning the furniture to a bed. You will have easy access to everything you need to work efficiently in a small space. 


#2 – The Rochester Bed 

This wall bed with desk is a different, trendy style and the desk comes as an addition to the wall bed rather than standard on this model. It can be made with cabinets for storage which can also be utilized to hide unsightly (but necessary) items in a home office workspace such as cables and cords, Wi-Fi routers, printers, and extra paper and notebooks. 


You can also add drawers to your Rochester murphy bed desk to add more storage options. Incorporating built-in bookshelves is also a common way to bring a room together to look more like a professional study or workspace. When you start with a basic wall bed with desk and add your ideal customizations, you are sure to be delighted with how well the finished product works in your home. 


Hint: If you like the Rochester style, you may also enjoy the Oxford model, which is similar. 


#3 – The Euro Basic Table Bed 

The Euro Table Bed model is another stylish and sleek option for creating a private workspace. Instead of a modern murphy bed with desk, in this case, the workspace is in the form of a table. This model is ideal for those who just need an occasional workspace and want to also use the table for other activities such as doing puzzles, playing games, crafting or sewing projects, or even sitting down for a meal in a small home. 


The versatility of our modern murphy beds with desks is unmatched and the customizations are endless. Most of our wall bed with desk models are available in different mattress sizes, which makes them ideal to fit into a room of any size.


Enhance Your Preferred Personal Touches


You can customize your wall bed with desk further to enhance storage in a small workspace and to ensure it blends in well with your interior design style. Choose from customizations such as:


  • Different wood grains
  • A variety of finishes and colors 
  • Hardware metal and color options


You can also add additional storage features to your wall bed with desk in order to truly maximize each and every square inch of your small space. One popular addition is a tall cabinet or armoire that serves as a wardrobe or closet in a bedroom/office combination.


Delivery and Installation


We can handle delivery and set up so that the murphy bed furniture unit is not damaged in transport and is affixed safely to the wall in your home. Our wall bed models can all be unbolted from the wall should you ever choose to relocate, so your investment goes with you. 


Visit Our Showroom and Order Today


Each of our knowledgeable, friendly staff members can help you choose the ideal modern murphy bed with desk to create that perfect, private workspace even in the smallest home. Come into our Wallbeds n’ More showroom in Reno during store hours or by appointment. 


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