Queen Wall Beds that Hide in Plain Sight 

What better way to make your children’s slumber parties even more fun than adding a queen wall bed to your home? This space saving room furniture will allow them to have plenty of room to sleep and give them space to play during the day. Besides, a great slumber party means the kids not only have fun but also sleep well, right? 

Wallbeds n’ More Reno offers a wide variety of queen size wall beds. You can customize your wallbed’s style and by adding amenities such as lighting, shelving, drawers, and cupboards –  perfect for storing extra blankets and pillows. Want to know more? Keep reading! 

Why the Queen Size Wall Bed?

So, your child has come and asked you if they can have their friends over for a slumber party, and you are trying to figure out how everyone is going to sleep. You could bring out the air mattress, but those are never comfortable and always end up getting punctured at some point in the night. 

No one really gets a good night’s sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, either. The solution? A queen wall bed! 

Wall beds are the perfect option for slumber parties because they can be hidden during the day and easily lowered out of the cabinet when it is time to go to sleep. This space saving room furniture frees up valuable floor space. 

The kids, depending on their age, do not even need your help to pull down the bed. There is a mechanism in place that makes it easy for them to do so. If the hidden wall bed is in the living room, teens can finish their movies and then get ready for bed all on their own. 

Customize Your Wall Bed to Serve Your Home

Another great thing about our queen wall beds is that they come in a variety of styles. You can easily find and customize one that fits the overall theme of your child’s room or the living room. 

For example, if your child and their friends are into board games, painting, or other creative activities, you could get them a bed with built-in shelves and storage for all their supplies. The Barrington Table Bed or the Euro Basic Table Bed are perfect choices! 

You could also add wardrobes to one or both sides of the wall bed. The wardrobes would provide a space for your child’s friends to keep their belongings in one place. 

Complete your Murphy Bed Area with Accessories

Complete the style of your hidden bed area by choosing home decor and accessories such as cozy blankets, pillows, and rugs from our showroom in Reno, NV. 

We also have comfortable mattresses of up to 11 inches tall. The children will be sure to get a good, comfortable night’s sleep on a real mattress. 

Easy Clean Up

One great thing about adding a queen wall bed to your home is that when the party is over, your child’s friends can simply fold up their bed and store it away until the next time they come over. Later you can put away the bed made with fresh sheets and blankets – ready at a moment’s notice for next time. 

Wallbeds N’ More Reno

If you are looking for a queen wall bed that will make your child’s next slumber party a success, visit Wallbeds n’ More Reno. Schedule an appointment or stop by during store hours to speak with one of our specialists who will help you maximize your home’s space today!