Pantry Murphy Door

Our Pantry Door offers beautiful hidden pantry storage. Design the front of the door with a decorative cut-out design, a full-length mirror, or even a blackboard finish to write recipes and shopping lists on. The backside of the door features spice rack shelving and up to 15 cubic feet of storage.


  • 2 adjustable spice rack shelves
  • 1 adjustable standard shelf
  • 1 fixed standard shelf

Did you know you are missing out precious pantry storage space? Extend your storage into your doorway. Select our base model or customize your door with upgrades.

Base Model Includes:

  • Paint Grade MDF
  • Unfinished
  • Door Width: 30″ (RO 32″)
  • Door Height: 80″ (RO 82″)
  • Door Depth: 8 1/4″
  • Swing Direction: In-swing
  • Hinges: Left-hand
  • Jamb Depth: 4 9/16″
  • 2 Adjustable spice rack shelves
  • 1 Adjustable standard shelf
  • 1 Fixed standard shelf


Width: 30″ – 48″

Height: 80″ – 94″

Finish Options

Murphy Door FInish Options

* Cabinets and Additions Sold Separately

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