A wall folding bed has the ability to use it’s frame in order to be folded upright against a wall when not in use or more floor space is desired. Hinged at one end, the wall folding bed can be stored vertically against a wall or even inside a closet or cabinet. Other terms to describe this useful piece of furniture include “wallbed,” “hidden wall bed,” and “Murphy bed.” A variety of options are available to make the wallbed have even more functions.

Mattresses for Wall Folding Beds

A wall bed mattress is typically set on top of a wood platform or wire mesh for support. When the bed is folded upright against the wall the mattress is typically held in place by plastic straps so that the mattress does not sag and become disformed. The frame of most folding wall bed styles at Wallbeds n More Reno are attached to the wall using studs in 3 or 4 places.

The beautifully crafted wall bed options we carry at Wallbeds n’ More Reno accommodate most mattresses that are 11 inches or less in thickness. You can choose the mattress that is most comfortable for you and your guests to use with your new wallbed!

Origins of the Folding Wall Bed

Sometime around the year 1900 an Irish immigrant in America, William Lawerence Murphy, found a creative way to make more space in his studio apartment. Wanting to entertain guests, specifically a woman, Murphy was motivated to transform his bedroom into a socially acceptable space for friends to spend time together. Murphy introduced pivot and counterbalanced specifications that made his design unique from the other fold-up beds that were on the market at the time. Today, the term “Murphy bed” is part of our common language and not eligible to have a trademark.

Modern Features of a Wall Folding Bed

What does a wall folding bed look like with modern features? After the original invention, other variations have been introduced to the market. Designed to have more features than a simple bed against wall, dual-function Murphy beds include desk, bookshelf, and even chest bed configurations.

Today, modern Murphy beds continue to provide a convenient way to make the most out of any space. Still a common interior design strategy, the folding wall bed is often used in limited spaces such as a small apartment, guest room, home office, children’s room, or multipurpose room. A comfortable bed for overnight guests or extra floor space is possible within moments!

Wall Bed Delivery and Installation

At Wallbeds n’ More Reno we offer delivery and installation services for our selection of hidden wall beds, chest beds, Murphy doors, and more! We can even remove your old mattress for added convenience. Let us take care of the installation for your new multi-functional piece of furniture for you! Rest easy and be sure that it is safe and secure.

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