Did you know you are missing out on precious pantry space? Whether you have multiple people in a household or just like having a fully stocked pantry, using a Murphy door is your ticket to effortless storage. Design of the Murphy door pantry allows the shallow (but coveted) space within the doorframe to be used. Recover all the space available in your pantry today!

Upgrading your pantry with a Murphy door allows you to be prepared with a variety of spices, herbs, and ingredients. Perfect for those who have a passion for cooking or baking! Extend storage into the doorway with our pantry Murphy door. Our base model is generously equipped with two adjustable spice rack shelves, one adjustable standard shelf, and one fixed standard shelf.

Murphy Door Pantry Styles

Not only will your pantry become more useful and functional with a Murphy door, the doorway itself will be a beautiful compliment to your kitchen. At Wallbeds n More Reno we want you to be thrilled with your home furnishings, with each addition harmonizing with your interior design style. This is why we offer a variety of wood finish options and the ability to add a decorative cutout to our Pantry Murphy Door.

The cutout area of the door can be customized with frosted glass, a full-length mirror, or even a blackboard finish. The blackboard finish provides a convenient location for grocery lists or most-used recipes. Call or message us to learn about your space-saving doorway options!

Options for Pantry Murphy Doors

If you prefer to have shelving and cabinet doors available on the outside of your pantry, take a look at our Spice Rack Murphy Door. Adding to the numerous ways of bringing effortless utility to your kitchen pantry, our Wine Rack Murphy Door is perfect for households who enjoy showcasing their wine collection.

Each of our Murphy door pantry styles are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. Call or message us today to find the perfect fit to enhance your pantry storage space!