A daily workout is a healthy habit that can all too easily be pushed to the back burner with the demands of careers, relationships, and running a household. Taking time to drive to the gym and find childcare can also make it more difficult to squeeze in exercise sessions. These are some of the reasons why so many people are converting spaces in their homes to workout rooms. But what if you don’t have an extra room to spare? 

If you’re thinking you’d have to convert a garage or give up your guest bedroom or home office space for a workout area, think again! At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, we’re here to show you how the life-changing combination of a bedroom and home gym combination is possible. 

Dual-Purpose Rooms 

No matter what size space you’re starting with or what your budget may be, at Wallbeds n’ More we are experts at helping you design and build a dual-purpose room to add both functionality and style to your home. 

Converting an existing spare bedroom to a home gym by creating instant, on-demand floor space has never been easier with the addition of a wall folding bed or a Murphy bed chest! While a Queen wall bed is a popular size for many home gym guest suites combined, we offer wall folding bed selections in many different sizes.

A Murphy bed is specifically designed to maximize the smallest of spaces and save space by allowing a single room to support more than one purpose. At Wallbeds n’ More we can help you find and customize the very best hidden bed to meet your individualized needs, and rest assured we have something to match your eye for interior design as well. 

A Custom Fit

We will help you plan for the best modern hidden bed that will fit the layout and specifications of the room you’ll be using it in. If you need your wallbed to fit perfectly next to a treadmill, weight system, or stationary bike for instance, we can even recommend a Murphy bed chest that is extremely compact and can serve as a trendy piece of accent furniture when not in use. 

Customizations that are especially helpful for creating a functional home gym are things like built-in cupboards, shelves, and drawers for extra storage in the wall folding bed unit. These additions help keep things like yoga mats, resistance bands, medicine balls, and workout clothes and shoes handy- but out of sight. In this way the room is equally prepared to be a workout space or a comfortable room for guests to stay. 

Storage solutions such as wardrobes not only help to keep your workout clothes and equipment hidden, but can also serve your guests. Drawers and cabinets can accommodate overnight guests’ luggage when they come to visit. Our experts are happy to help you choose custom ambient or spot lighting as well to create the mood you want in your space. 

Built to Last

All of our hidden beds are built by professionals working in the USA using quality materials. Our intention is for these pieces of furniture to be well-used and valued in your home for many years to come. 

All mattresses at our Wallbeds n’ More Reno showroom store are sold separately from the Murphy bed furniture itself, so that means you can choose your mattress size and firmness. Once you select the mattress size, the rest of the unit can be fully customized to meet the purpose of your room and your personal style as well. 

Another benefit of our wallbeds is their lightweight frame which makes them simple to fold down and put back into the wall, even after your muscles are tired from working out in your new home gym!

The Rochester Example 

The Rochester model is a popular choice for combining a home gym with a bedroom. This design is available in either a full size or queen size wall bed. 

Take a look at the model displayed on our website that is shown in two different varieties. The featured photo shows a more simple style meant to fit a very compact space and look like an armoire while the other has open shelving, drawers, a desk, and built-in USB ports and electrical outlets. 

Create Your Ideal Home Gym Space

The ideal wallbed for your home gym may not be the perfect one for someone else’s space, which is why our professional technicians recommend browsing our selections online and narrowing down your choices before coming into the store. When you’d like to visit our showroom, please schedule an appointment so that one of our design specialists can help you find exactly what you need. Give us a call at (775) 771-6476 to schedule an appointment today!

When you visit, you are welcome to take a look at each of our hidden bed models, talk with our professional associates about your preferences, browse different finishes and hardware styles, and explore the wide variety of options available to you. At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, Nevada, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about building the perfect guest room home gym combination. We look forward to serving you!