With the holidays fast approaching there will be lots of time spent in the kitchen getting ready for delicious, memorable meals with friends and family. Despite the hustle and bustle that can be stressful at times, you can make prepping, cooking, and baking for every holiday gathering a breeze. Simply ensure you have everything you need on hand and organized in a murphy pantry door!

At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, Nevada we have a variety of murphy doors for sale. Each of these doors is unique, but a special organization system featuring a murphy pantry door can help make your holiday preparation simple and streamlined.

When company comes to visit, the kids have holiday treats due in their classroom, or when you are set to host a festive dinner for colleagues or family, having everything you need right at your fingertips makes the job easy and dare we say… fun.


Utilize Empty Space with a Murphy Pantry Door

Our murphy pantry doors at Wallbeds n’ More Reno are famous for easily turning the unused space within a door frame into a functional storage area. Check out the unique way a murphy pantry door functions by taking a look at our stylish, locally-built murphy doors for sale.

The space between door jams is typically not thought of as usable. However, when you’re looking for a murphy door for sale, we deliver with high quality, long-lasting products. This space saving door not only adds convenience, it is stylish and beautiful as well. Many of these doors feature stylish decorative cut out designs to hold the items you use most.


Spice It Up with a Spice Rack Door

By choosing our spice rack murphy pantry door at Wallbeds n’ More, you can store a variety of differently sized items on the adjustable shelves. You can keep all kinds of spices, dry goods, non-perishables, baking supplies, oils, and sauces on your new murphy pantry door shelves.

Fill your home with the sweet scent of fresh baked cookies or your favorite hearty meal with ease!


Cheers with Our Wine Rack Murphy Pantry Door

Another great option for the holidays is to add a wine rack murphy pantry door to your home so that you can be ready to entertain at the drop of a hat! When unexpected guests drop by, family visits from out of town, or you’re hosting a holiday dinner for friends, you’ll have a selection of wine on hand in a beautiful display – right there in your kitchen or dining room.

The wine rack murphy door can be used as a pantry door or even as a hidden entrance to a wine cellar. It comes with two adjustable wine rack shelves, each holding 5-7 bottles (depending upon the width of your door) along with one fixed standard shelf and one adjustable standard shelf.


Customize your Murphy Door

Each of our unique doors provide ample storage space and can be customized to fit the needs of your home. Select from different finish colors to match your home’s interior design style. Depending on the model you choose, you can also make certain choices about shelving, adding a mirror, or even a black board finish to write recipes and shopping lists.


Choose the Perfect Murphy Pantry Door at our Showroom

Our expert designers can help you choose the ideal murphy pantry door unit that meets the needs of your space. Make your holiday cooking and baking simple and convenient!

Our spacious Wallbeds n’ More showroom in Reno, Nevada is ready and waiting to welcome you to browse all of our murphy doors for sale. Are interior designers are experts in maximizing the space, style, and functionality of all types of homes. Make an appointment to ensure a guided experience or stop by during store hours. We look forward to meeting you!