At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno we help you maximize the space in your home through custom made Murphy beds and Murphy doors. What exactly is a Murphy door, you ask? Much like a Murphy bed, which is a hidden bed camouflaged by a cabinet or chest, a Murphy door offers a convenient and stylish way to add functionality to your home. Since helping you to save space in your home is our passion, we offer the best and largest selection of Murphy doors for sale in the state of Nevada. 

With both fixed and adjustable shelves, single or double width (French doors), and beautiful designs, you can choose a Murphy door for sale that will fit perfectly in your home. Perhaps you are interested in a new pantry door with a spice rack to step up your kitchen game, a pool cue door to impress your billiard-loving friends, or a wine-rack Murphy door to add both fun and elegance to your space.

The coveted but hard-to-use space within your door frame will finally be utilized!

Types of Murphy Doors for Sale

When you order a custom-made Murphy door, from Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, you can choose to have the shelving face inside or outside the door. You might choose outward-facing shelves so they are visible to hold decorations or glassware as a display case. Inward facing pantry doors can hide spices, condiments, recipe books, and other pantry storage items. 

1. Murphy Doors for the Kitchen

Murphy spice rack pantry doors come standard with two adjustable spice racks, one fixed standard shelf, and one adjustable standard shelf so that you can store a variety of different size items and change the shelf height as your needs change.

Our convenient Murphy pantry doors make it simple to utilize the wasted space within your door frame but can also add a personalized touch to your home. You can choose from a variety of different colors and finishes and can even add a decorative cutout in frosted glass to complement the decor of your home. 

2. Murphy Doors for Entertainment Spaces

If you are a wine connoisseur and would prefer to showcase your collection of wines, you can opt for our Murphy wine rack door instead! Just like the pantry door, the wine rack Murphy door allows you to utilize the space within the door frame itself, adding extra storage and convenience to any room.

The effortlessly elegant wine rack Murphy door holds between 10 and 14 bottles of wine depending on the width chosen and displays them in an elegant manner. Our French wine rack Murphy door option can hold twice as many bottles. 

Impress your guests by allowing them to select a wine right off the rack in your dining room and keep wine glasses, napkins, and corkscrew openers handy by using the extra storage capacity in the lower half of the unit. Similar to our pantry Murphy doors, our wine rack Murphy doors add an element of whimsy and style to your home and can be designed with a variety of wood finishes and colors to match the particular interior design style of your house. 

If you enjoy entertaining guests, check out our recent blog post that showcases our Murphy door pool cue system! This is a great option for game rooms or basements. 

3. Murphy Doors for Bedrooms

Interested in adding a Murphy bookshelf door to your bedroom or home office? We can work with you to make all your hidden door dreams of extra space come true! 

The creative Murphy door styles we carry add convenience and extra storage space to any room. Bookcases, dresser doors, hampers, and mirrors can all bring added functionality and effortless style to your home. 

At Wallbeds n’ More in Reno we pride ourselves on offering inventive space-saving door solutions that most businesses do not carry. We have a wide variety of Murphy doors for sale that add functionality to any room. Check out our selection online and then visit us in person to see how they can easily transform your space. 

Visit us at Wallbeds n’ More in Reno, Nevada

Our attention to detail is unmatched, and we use local craftsmen and suppliers to make each and every unit by hand for our customers. If you’d like to stop into our showroom to see any of our Murphy doors in person, simply call (775) 771-6476 to make an appointment with one of our friendly, experienced associates or send us a message.

We can show you around the gallery, help you choose which style, color, size, and finish is right for you, help you add customizations and place your order.

Our work doesn’t end when your order is placed, as we insist on making it as easy as possible for you to enjoy your new piece of furniture. Our Wallbeds n’ More team is ready to deliver and install your new Murphy door to make sure it is done right. Save the time and hassle it would take to do it yourself! It’s all part of our promise of quality products and exceptional service. 

Give us a call today to make an appointment to browse our selection of what is sure to be your new favorite feature in your home… your Wallbeds n’ More hidden Murphy door!